Pilgrimage in Yoga with Yogi Sivdas & Natalie

August 29, 2009

Yoga Tours

Mission :

Travel and backpack with Natalie and a small group of yoga students to study and explore the roots of yoga in India. Two weeks will be spent studying all types of yoga with an amazing yogi named Sivadas (www.yogatribe.org) in Dharamsala, the home of the Dalai Lama in the Himalayas. The trip will begin and end with pilgrimages to sacred sites for special ceremonies. All along the way students will be afforded opportunities to dive deeply into ancient traditions, which honor the teachings of the masters that have come before us.

Natalie Ritenour has been interested in Eastern philosophies since 1995 when she joined the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan, Central Asia. Her extensive travels in the Middle, Central and Southeast Asia led to periods of deep personal reflection. She discovered her interest in yoga and meditation in 1997 during her first trip to her favorite place on the globe, India.

In 2005 Natalie spent five months in northern India (Rishikesh) and central India (Nasik) where she studied Hatha yoga and it’s origins. She is trained and certified to teach from Yoga Vidya Dham in Nasik, India (www.yogapoint.com). The lineage of her ashram is from the H H Swami Satyananda Saraswathi Tredition of Bihar School Of Yoga.

In January of 2007 she spent an additional five months continuing her education at her ashram in India, becoming certified in Advanced Yogic Techniques and Yoga Therapy. She also completed an internship, assisting other aspiring yogis and yoginis through their training courses.

Natalie’s teachings style is based mostly on her studies in India combined with fusion blends of Yoga she has connected with in the west. She is trained in Hatha Yoga, the philosophies of Pitanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Astanga/Raja Yoga), and has experience in many other types of Yoga (Kundalini, Bikrams, Sivananda, Postural, Taoist Yoga) and meditation. Natalie designs each of her classes to meet the special needs of every individual student. Her strength lies in helping students understand yogic techniques that can apply in their every day lives….giving them tools to help them realize their full potential, whether on the mat or off!

Schedule of Events:

September 19th (Sat.) Day 0 – NEW DELHI
Arrive in India on this day or anytime before.

September 20th (Sun.) Day 1- NEW DELHI to HARIDWAR
(One of the 4 holy sites of the Kumbha Mela)

September 21st (Mon.) Day 2 – HARIDWAR to RISHIKESH
(Yoga Capital of the World)
Morning on Ganges – Opening Ceremonies

September 22nd (Tues.) Day 3 – RISHIKESH
Yoga and Meditation (Ashram Stay)

September 23rd (Wed.) Day 4 – RISHIKESH
Yoga and Meditation (Ashram Stay)

September 24th (Thurs.) Day 5 – RISHIKESH
Yoga and Meditation (Ashram Stay)

September 25th (Fri.) Day 6 – RISHAKESH to DHARAMSALA
(Home of the Dalai Lama)

September 26th (Sat.) Day 7 – DHARAMSALA
Free day of self-exploration, Hot Springs, Get a Massage

September 27th (Sun.) Day 8 – DHARAMSALA
Introduction/Welcoming Ceremonies with Kailash School of Yoga and Holistic Healing hosted by Sivadas
Receive Schedule of Kailash Studies for next two weeks

September 28th (Mon.) – October 9th (Friday) – DHARAMSALA – YOGA STUDIES (2 week program)
Kailash Yoga Daily Study Program
Meditation/Kriya Cleansing – 7-8am
Vinyasa Yoga – 8-10am
Yoga Philosophy – 2– 4pm
Afternoon Hatha Yoga Session 4-6

Dinner Included
Every other Evening: Cultural Programs/Ceremonies/Special Events

October 10th (Sat.) Day 21 – AMRITSAR
Sikh Golden Temple on Pakistani border

October 11th (Sun.) Day 22 – AMRITSAR to NEW DELHI

October 12th (Mon.) Day 23 – NEW DELHI to AGRA
Visit the famous Taj Mahal

October 13th (Tues.) Day 24 – Shopping and Exploring DELHI

October 14th (Wed.) Day 25– RETURN HOME
(or continue on – Natalie will be in India for about another month)

Studying Yoga in Dharamsala:

The total cost for the 12 day yoga studies (Sept. 28. – October 9th) with Kailash Yoga will be $1,200. That will include 10 days of yoga courses with Sivadas and Natalie (www.yogatribe.org) in Dharmasala, one weekend pilgrimage trip, and cultural activities every other evening for that period of time. Dinners (drinks and tips are inclusive) will be included. The cost will NOT include accommodations, breakfast or lunch or any expenses before or after arriving in Dharamsala. If this is the only part of the trip that will fit into your schedule that is ok.


Arrange your own flight into New Delhi on or before September 19th. Natalie will meet you and escort you to hotel for day of rest before commencing travel. Departure dates are October 14th or anytime after. All costs for transport, food, accommodations etc. will be paid on your own as we travel together as group. Natalie will be arriving one month in advance (and has been to India 3 times previously) to reserve all accommodations for those who wish to stay with the group in very reasonably priced hotels and ashrams.

Your projected cost for flying into India should be anywhere from $1,000 and up. The projected cost of the travel, accommodations, food, entrance tickets etc. (outside of the 2 week study program in which dinner is included) could range anywhere from $500- $1,000 and up. So, total you are looking at approximately $3,200 for the whole trip (Ticket, Studies, Travel). This may or might not include a lot of shopping you might want to budget for!

The cost of the course ($1,200US) must be paid for in advance to reserve your space.
Checks must be sent before August 1st 2009.

Please send the check or money order to:
Natalie Ritenour
4234 Adams St.
Riverside, CA 92504

Visa: Must be arranged for India IN ADVANCE by visiting the Indian Consulate’s web site.https://indiavisa.travisaoutsourcing.com/homepage
Your passport must be valid within at least 6 months of time of visa issue.

Immunizations: (if necessary) should be planned for in advance by visiting your local health care provider.

Weather: Should be quite pleasant for the time of our trip. Be prepared to layer clothes as temperatures could start to get a bit chilly in the Himalayas in October, especially at night. But, Natalie always recommends packing lighter than heavier as it is very easy to purchase amazingly cheap clothes in Delhi and then in Dharamsala where we will be studying. A lot of her wardrobe comes from there!

Travel Gear Recommendations:

* Rolling Backpack
* Bug repellent
Umbrella/Light Raincoat (can be purchased easily in India if you don’t already have them)
* Sleeping Bag or Traveler’s Bed Cover Sheet
* Headlamp
* Antibiotics (if you feel necessary)
* Traveler’s insurance (if you feel necessary)
* Pens/Pencils/Stickers/Postcards from Home/Small gifts to give away to children who need them

IndiaYogaRetreat 2009
Dharamsala Himalayas
Start Time: Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 6:00am
End Time: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 11:00pm
Location: Shiva Yoga Hall
Street: Mcleodganj, Bhagsu Road,
City/Town : Dharamsala, India
Phone: Mobile : (+91) 98161 50326
Landline : (+91) 1892 220699

Please contact Tour coordinator

Natalie Ritenour – natsphotos@gmail.com,
Yogi Sivadas – contact@yogatribe.org

Hello world!

August 29, 2009

Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training Course

The Kailash Tribal School is registered with Yoga Alliance. The Yoga Teacher Training Course is recognized and approved by Yoga Alliance and students will be able to register themselves as teacher with Yoga Alliance following the successful completion of the course.

1st AUGUST 2009
(Admission Closed)

15th NOVEMBER 2009
(Booking open – few seats available)

(Booking open)

(Booking open)

(Booking open)

(Booking open)

Duration :
4 weeks

Prerequisite :
Applicants should have practiced yoga consistently for at least 1 year prior to the course and should be able to demonstrate a general level of health and fitness.

Course structure
Contact hours with Yogi Sivadas Classroom hours with teacher (attendance mandatory)

Topics :
Philosophy / Ethics / Lifestyle of Yoga, Anatomy and Physiology in Yoga , Basic Sanskrit and Chanting, Teaching methodology, Mudra’s / Bandha’s / Kriya’s

Non Contact hours :
Students familiarize themselves with theoretical aspects of yoga, prepare assignments/ presentations and practice independently

Maximum Group size :
10 people (individual applications are considered and organized by the school)

Cost :
50 000 Rupees (approximate 1000 USD)

Cost for accommodation, books and travel will have to be incurred by the students themselves. Please find more details below. The school would be honored if you choose to complete your Teacher Training Course here. If you have any further queries relating to details about the schedule please contact the school.